terça-feira, 12 de julho de 2011

Attempts at... stuff - a summary

Okay so I'm trying to post a little more regularly, therefore I thought I'd give you some insight as to what I've been up to the last couple of days.

A week ago I visited Barcelona for the weekend, and found it to be rather beautiful and extraordinarily easy to walk around and remember the ways to places. Gaudi's work is truly amazing and I was lucky enough to stay in a hotel between La Pedrera and Casa Batllo, both wonderful buildings. I took some film photos there.
( click the photo for the rest of the film )

This past weekend I finally learned how to ride a bicycle. I still can't do it properly but I was able to actually do some circles and ride it on my own without anyone holding me for a few minutes. I'd never done it before so I'm rather proud of myself. It's been a major setback in my life because I've always wanted to know how to do it and now, with my impending move to Rome where I really wanted to have a bicycle to move around, the necessity arose. I wonder why it took me so long or why I was so chicken about it. I need to practice a LOT before I can actually say 'I can ride a bicycle' because right now I just look like a squealing retard on a wobbly metal frame. I have all summer!

Also I made this:

A little bit of an inspirational motto of mine using a film photo from a few months back.

Also in a bit of news! It turns out I might not be renting a room in Rome and will actually move into an apartment on my own. This doesn't really scare me even though I am aware I could use some help in the first few weeks. The problem is the company I contacted hasn't said anything yet so I'll assume they won't since it's been a month now... And I don't know anyone in the city looking to share an apartment so the gameplan is rent out an apartment and pay full rent until I get to talk with everyone and see who wants to share a flat.

More news - my driving exam is scheduled for the 28th. I was supposed to have a two-hour lesson today but I'm home sick with a fever, nausea, runny nose, cough etc etc (an actual proper flu) so I had to go there and tell my instructor I couldn't do it. I must have looked like hell because he actually asked if I wanted him to drive me to the taxi area. I told him I could walk but he was seriously doubting me! 
I also bought a new moleskine since mine is almost full, which is a shame. All my HURTS autographs and doodles are in that sketchbook! A year full of memories just archived away in a shelf. I can't carry it with me if it's full though and I might wait until I move to Rome to start my new one. I'm really happy because it's red. I used to have a red one, sketchbook paper, but it was stolen along with all my possessions in London last December. Since then red sketchbook Moleskines have been nowhere to be found and someone told me they'd been discontinued. Today I found one and I bought it immediately.

I suppose that's all. If I have any more news I'll post here, but this is just a little summary of the last two weeks :)


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